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Merry Christmas: I will be back some day

A belated Merry CHRISTMAS (in the REAL spirit of the season, I wish Unhappy Holidays for you non-Christian secular elites)! I hope you didn’t cry too much after the healthcare reform bill was approved by the Senate; I assure you, my tears were enough for our entire movement.

Now, if you’re still here, you may have noticed that I haven’t posted lately! It’s because I’ve been in quite a rut — even bigger than the current rut that Barry’s Nazi agenda is putting us in! The Fluid of Freedom is still running through my veins, but alas, I may have an occlusion in my once-healthy figurative circulatory system. That is, I’ve been running around doing things, and when I haven’t been doing things, I’ve been catching up on sleep, TV and movies (studying elitist Hollywood’s tactics, mind you), so I haven’t had much time to update this. And in a few months, I have to take a pretty big test, so I may have less time.

Will I be back to posting often any day in the future? If I hear the hallowed cry of Liberty, then yes, I will return with a much stronger will to revitalize this blessed blog. But as for now, in these times of Barry’s darkness, do not expect a post from me in the next few weeks. Stay brave, you Soldiers of Good Will, and keep the spirit alive.