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Halloween shows Emperor Obama’s true colors


Emperor Obama talks to kids. Look at that evil face.

The Obamas had their first White House Halloween last night, wasting taxpayer money and executive branch time by allowing 2,000 kids from military families to have a fun-filled bonanza with candy and dried fruit.  Sure, some presidents before have done it: George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Richard Nixon.  But this time, it’s different because it’s Obama and he’s a communist brainwasher.

This Halloween celebration gave us a chance to look a bit deeper at Barry Hussein’s true colors.  Press reports indicate that White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs came dressed up as Darth Vader, suggesting that Obama, while not dressed in a costume, was mentally dressed up as Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars.  Think about it.  Darth Vader is, after all, Emperor Palpatine’s henchman.  And Robert Gibbs is Obama’s henchman.


Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars. There is an obvious uncanny resemblance to Obama.

There was nothing more important to Palpatine’s success than Darth Vader’s elimination of the Jedi.  And there’s nothing more important to Barry’s success than Gibbs’ elimination of FOX and all that is good about truth-based journalism (like my blog).  Gibbs spews forth left-wing media garbage just as Vader summoned the Dark Side of the Force.


Darth Gibbs attempts to dismantle FOX. He is the Dark Lord of Propaganda.

I’m just saying.  Things are DEFINITELY looking fishy.  People like Barry Hussein have no business wasting thousands on these Halloween celebrations to indoctrinate our kids.  After all, Halloween is the DEVIL’S holiday.  Full of fear and demons and skeletons and scary things.  Like books.


FOX-White House war reaches feet of Czar Feinberg

Comrade Feinberg smiles at the camera.  He is the face of evil.

Comrade Feinberg smiles at the camera. He is the face of evil.

The Washington Bureau chiefs of five TV networks refused to play along with Barry Hussein’s crusade against FOX News on Thursday when the White House refused to let FOX participate in the interview of Obama’s pay czar, the Special Master for Executive Compensation Kenneth Feinberg.

The press pool said they would refuse to go ahead with any interviews if FOX was not also permitted the same privilege. In your face Obama! That will teach the Executive Branch to try to tell the press what to do, just as it does to US everyday. The press is good.  The press is our righteous guardian against the excesses of a corrupt, terror-filled government.

But I’m not saying the press is good though. The press is evil and leftist. They are biased. And they will do whatever they can to undermine our true watchdogs, FOX. We must be ever vigilant against the left-wing media, who is obviously trying to brainwash us into accepting Czar Feinberg.

Here’s my prediction, and don’t tell me I didn’t tell you so when it happens. The press is already posturing to select the next president. This time, it might very well be Czar Feinberg who takes the reigns of power from Fuhrer Hussein. Here’s how I see it — the press pool was forcing Obama’s hand into letting Feinberg onto our TVs and into our homes. From here on out, they will praise him and make him a new celebrity. Sooner or later, he’ll be delivering speeches to crowds in the thousands in Berlin, and voila. He’ll be in the Oval Office chair.

But we’ve got to remain cautious. We know what’s coming. Give a little to a true patriot — not a comrade. Give it to Sarah Palin.

God bless America. I’ll be back soon, but I’m checking in and out of the hospital sporadically due to something my doctors call bleeding-from-my-ears-due-to-Obama-phobia.