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“To avoid hypocrisy, California should ban divorce” – Guest blogger

Hello, noble readers.  As you may have noticed, it is harder for me to update the blog daily, but I try to keep it as frequent as possible for the sake of Truth.  Today I am posting an article by a guest blogger Manimala who supports the sanctity of marriage!  That is greatly inspiring for hard-working Americans like us.  Okay, until the next post, toodle-oo, and make sure to support the effort!


We must really admire Californians' bravery in standing up for traditional marriage. Ban divorce nationwide!

Proponents of California’s 2008 Proposition 8 claim  same-sex marriage violates the sanctity of marriage, and it should be banned to protect the sacred bond between a man and woman.

Those who supported it should follow a new initiative as well — the 2010 California Marriage Protection Act, which would make divorce illegal in the state if both members of the marriage is alive.

“Proposition 8 bravely protected the institution of traditional marriage by making sure that gay people could not participate in it. I loved Proposition 8 but felt it did not go far enough,” said writer John Marcotte, the author of the 2010 initiative, on his Web site rescuemarriage.org.

According to census estimations, married gays would account for less than 1 percent of people in California. However, about 10 percent of the state population was divorced last year.

If homosexuals can’t marry for the mere fact of protecting traditional marriage, the larger remainder of the population — heterosexuals — shouldn’t be allowed to leave their marriages because it has a larger effect on the general idea of marriage — the sanctity of marriage.

The Marriage Protection Act is even better than Proposition 8. It would amend the California constitution to ensure that no married person can divorce unless the spouse dies or a rare annulment occurs. Like Proposition 8, it is a feasible ballot initiative that only requires a majority of Californians’ votes to become part of the state constitution.

“After all, (Proposition 8 supporters) weren’t trying to take rights away from gay people. They were just trying to protect traditional marriage,” Marcotte said in an interview with the San Diego News Network. “I’m sure they will support this 100 percent, even if this time it is their rights that get diminished. It would be hypocritical for them not to support us.”

Besides limiting hypocrisy, the Marriage Protection Act is also expected to curb the cash-strapped state’s expenses. According to California’s Legislative Analyst’s office, the amendment could save the state and local governments hundreds of millions of dollars every year by eliminating divorce proceedings.

The divorce fees that couples pay to the state are far less than the court’s administrative costs, so the government loses money on them. As Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger struggles to balance California’s budget, the bottom-line savings from the act will help reduce a devastating deficit.

According to California Secretary of State Debra Bowen’s Web site, Marcotte’s volunteer-based grassroots initiative requires around 694,000 signatures by late March 2010 to qualify for the voting ballot, and it has high hopes since it was approved for circulation a couple Fridays ago. The Marriage Protection Act is making waves.

Proposition 8 supporters were filled with vehement conviction in their defense of traditional marriage.  Now, it only seems fitting this fight continues against divorce, because when it comes to a cause, you’re stuck with it to the end. ‘Til death do you part.


Halloween shows Emperor Obama’s true colors


Emperor Obama talks to kids. Look at that evil face.

The Obamas had their first White House Halloween last night, wasting taxpayer money and executive branch time by allowing 2,000 kids from military families to have a fun-filled bonanza with candy and dried fruit.  Sure, some presidents before have done it: George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Richard Nixon.  But this time, it’s different because it’s Obama and he’s a communist brainwasher.

This Halloween celebration gave us a chance to look a bit deeper at Barry Hussein’s true colors.  Press reports indicate that White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs came dressed up as Darth Vader, suggesting that Obama, while not dressed in a costume, was mentally dressed up as Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars.  Think about it.  Darth Vader is, after all, Emperor Palpatine’s henchman.  And Robert Gibbs is Obama’s henchman.


Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars. There is an obvious uncanny resemblance to Obama.

There was nothing more important to Palpatine’s success than Darth Vader’s elimination of the Jedi.  And there’s nothing more important to Barry’s success than Gibbs’ elimination of FOX and all that is good about truth-based journalism (like my blog).  Gibbs spews forth left-wing media garbage just as Vader summoned the Dark Side of the Force.


Darth Gibbs attempts to dismantle FOX. He is the Dark Lord of Propaganda.

I’m just saying.  Things are DEFINITELY looking fishy.  People like Barry Hussein have no business wasting thousands on these Halloween celebrations to indoctrinate our kids.  After all, Halloween is the DEVIL’S holiday.  Full of fear and demons and skeletons and scary things.  Like books.

Conception miracle? Infertile couple makes kids

This is a pretty profound story, folks, so I just thought I had to share what I found on the Internets.

User green is going to be a new father.  Perhaps this immaculate conception is further proof of God.

User green is going to be a new father. Perhaps this holy unexpected conception is further proof of God.

As you can see, user green from Yahoo Answers had a hormonal problem that prevented him from getting his wife pregnant.  I can imagine his woe as they tried time and time again, and prayed for the strength to get through.  Alas, they finally stopped trying.

But six years later, they met joy when some power (not saying it’s God, but all the facts are here for you to make up your own mind) finally made his wife pregnant through FAITH.  Some may question their faith.  Heck, when I read that they were papists, even I did.  But I see the power of Providence in his wife’s womb.  And in a few months time, when they are amidst the sounds of a baby’s wails, they will realize that they are not just lucky but blessed.

Blessed by whom?  Well, it’s great that you’d ask that.  Secularist leftists and Barry Hussein’s thought police will do whatever they can in these tumultuous times to discredit theists and conservatives who believe in God.  It’s been happening before (viz. President Bush was unjustly criticized for saying that God made him make certain decisions like going to Iraq), but ever since the 2008 election, it’s been open season for people who persecute Christians.

So I think that God has sent us a deliberate sign by allowing this Miracle Baby’s conception.  He wants us to know that He’s out there.  And He’s watching.  He’s hearing our voices.  He’s seeing our anger.  He’s making sure that Kenyan B. Hussein doesn’t destroy us.  He’s standing by our candidates of justice.  And he’ll be there in the voting booths in 2010 when we take back what’s our.  He’ll be there in the Oval Office on January 20, 2013, when President Palin moves our country forward towards the Sunbeam of Righteousness.

That is destiny.

FOX-White House war reaches feet of Czar Feinberg

Comrade Feinberg smiles at the camera.  He is the face of evil.

Comrade Feinberg smiles at the camera. He is the face of evil.

The Washington Bureau chiefs of five TV networks refused to play along with Barry Hussein’s crusade against FOX News on Thursday when the White House refused to let FOX participate in the interview of Obama’s pay czar, the Special Master for Executive Compensation Kenneth Feinberg.

The press pool said they would refuse to go ahead with any interviews if FOX was not also permitted the same privilege. In your face Obama! That will teach the Executive Branch to try to tell the press what to do, just as it does to US everyday. The press is good.  The press is our righteous guardian against the excesses of a corrupt, terror-filled government.

But I’m not saying the press is good though. The press is evil and leftist. They are biased. And they will do whatever they can to undermine our true watchdogs, FOX. We must be ever vigilant against the left-wing media, who is obviously trying to brainwash us into accepting Czar Feinberg.

Here’s my prediction, and don’t tell me I didn’t tell you so when it happens. The press is already posturing to select the next president. This time, it might very well be Czar Feinberg who takes the reigns of power from Fuhrer Hussein. Here’s how I see it — the press pool was forcing Obama’s hand into letting Feinberg onto our TVs and into our homes. From here on out, they will praise him and make him a new celebrity. Sooner or later, he’ll be delivering speeches to crowds in the thousands in Berlin, and voila. He’ll be in the Oval Office chair.

But we’ve got to remain cautious. We know what’s coming. Give a little to a true patriot — not a comrade. Give it to Sarah Palin.

God bless America. I’ll be back soon, but I’m checking in and out of the hospital sporadically due to something my doctors call bleeding-from-my-ears-due-to-Obama-phobia.

Palin releases memoir title

She fights for the common man and even woman.  She spits in the face of rabid spin doctors like Katie Couric, Charlie Gibson, and Tina Fey, the doppelganger of doom.  Sarah Palin is a winner through and through.

Sarah Palin will leave a lasting mark on American history.

Sarah Palin's memoir is coming out soon. There is no doubt she will leave a lasting mark on American history.

Sarah Palin has released the title of her new memoir Going Rogue: An American Life.  So simple.  So elegant.  The former Alaska governor and current Republican boon finished the 400-page sure-fire fall bestseller in four months.  It is set to hit bookstores (in hardcovers as thick as her resolve) on November 17!

This is great news.  We knew Sarah had work ethic, but to finish such a long book months before a deadline is amazing.  400 pages?  Amazing.  I know people who haven’t even read books that long.  Let’s put that number in context.  Consider the age of the Earth.  Now imagine you had to spend one year per each page of Sarah’s memoir.  So how much of God’s given time would you spend reading about Sarah’s life?

Who said conservatives couldn't do math?  A doggone idiot.

Who said conservatives couldn't do math? A doggone idiot, that's who.

So it’s pretty long and hard, yet in classic Palin-esque style, she still managed to pump it out in record time.  Just think about it.  She was a victim of Obama’s recession — she herself lost her job.  She’s just like us; Sarah’s an everyman, only she wears lipstick (yet isn’t a transsexual).  She fights for the common man and even woman.  She spits in the face of rabid spin doctors like Katie Couric, Charlie Gibson, and Tina Fey, the doppelganger of doom.  Sarah Palin is a winner through and through.

Propagandists like Couric attempt to defame Palin.  They do it because she's a woman.

Propagandists like Katie Couric attempt to defame Palin. They do it because she's a woman.

Let’s analyze Sarah’s choice of memoir title, Going Rogue: An American Life.  Of course, it’s genius; there is a powerful holistic synergy of these five simple words adorning her covers.  We can’t pretend to be able to fully understand the title , but let’s try our best word-for-word:

Going: Well, Sarah has already proven herself a maverick by her unsurpassed enthusiasm for oil drilling, her unmatched communication skills at monster truck rallies, and her unique perspective on Bering Sea geography.  She is much better at burning bridges (hint hint) than she is at building them, and that’s a quality that’s quite rare in politicians today.  Don’t even get me started about Trig.  It takes courage to bring your disabled child with you when there are assassins both literally and figuratively lurking in the darkest corners of our evil world.

The addition of the suffix -ing could mean two things.  Yeah, it could just be a past participle referring to the past.  But it could also mean that she will be even more out-of-the-box in the future!  Could this be a hint that she will be running for PRESIDENT in 2012?!  Golly, I would keel over in an orgasm of political satisfaction and roll around on the most grime-filled road for a full five minutes if Sarah decided to run with the same passion and sincerity we have all come to expect from her throughout these months.  You have my word on that.

Palin winks during the 2008 Vice Presidential debate.  Some say she is the next Great Communicator.

Palin winks during the 2008 Vice Presidential debate. Some say she is the next Great Communicator.

Rogue: Hey, so the second word of her title shines new light on the situation.  She has been an outsider all her life, and she will continue to be an outsider in the years to come!  Either that, or, according to Merriam-Webster, she’s a hitchhiking vagrant.  That would certainly explain her college years, moving from institution to institution with such gentle conviction.

An: The separation of the title by a colon really suggests sophistication on your part, Sarah.  It was a great move!  That’ll fool those elitist egghead liberal readers.  Adding the “an” really solidifies that effect.  If you had gone with Going Rogue American Life, we would still understand you, Sarah, but it just wouldn’t be the same.

American: I argue it’s the most important part of the whole title, and heck, maybe even the whole book.  It should be called Going Rogue: An AMERICAN Life, because in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter if she’s a maverick who speaks for the oppressed with every breath and does God’s work with every step — if she isn’t a red-blooded American, she wouldn’t matter to me or to her 400 million supporters.  And we thank God everyday that she is.  She would do a much better job than Obama of leading OUR nation with her innate wisdom on domestic and foreign affairs.  She would plow her way through the snow of our economic troubles (the so-called “recession’).  She would also be a much more effective commander-in-chief than Barry because soldiers couldn’t escape duty by challenging the legitimacy of her presidency.  She would be TOUGH on terror; if she could manage the Terrible Twos five times over, she could take this on in a jiffy.

Unlike SOME people, she was born in this great country and understands our core values as she knows the difference between being a real American and being the other kind.  Unlike SOME people, her spouse was never involved in anti-government separatist (AKA terrorist) groups.  Unlike SOME people, she doesn’t pal around with mean people who don’t care about our collective future.  I’m just saying.  America is the greatest country in the land, and it’s only fitting to have a tribute to it in the title of what could be the most important book of the next thirty years.

Palin supports our troops and will do whatever she can to improve their well-being. She even supports giving them pets to help combat loneliness.

Palin supports our troops and will do whatever she can to improve their well-being. She even supports giving them pets to help combat loneliness.

Life: Alas, the final word really ends it beautifully.  Life is such a wonderful thing.  From the pretty little hands of a business executive to the hustle-and-bustle of an Alaskan toddler, life makes the world go round and round.  Sarah respects ALL life, no matter if it’s the fetus hiding out in the cavernous womb or the American soldier hiding out in an Iraqi cave.

It’s all the same to her.  And elected or not, she is our leader, the best representative of life in America.  This memoir title decision is only the first of what will prove to be a hailstorm of great decisions by our promising pit-bull-soccer-mom-stegosaurus politician called Palin.  Go Sarah!  The nation deserves you!  This memoir will set up your run really well!  Keep tweeting!  2012 all the way!

Obama’s real birth certificate recovered?

Well, this is breaking.  And by breaking, I mean back-breaking for liberal wingnuts.  Obama’s real birth certificate may have been recovered:

This is the alleged birth certificate.  The facts are on our side.

This is the alleged birth certificate. The facts are on our side.

If this is real, it proves he wasn’t born in America.  There is no doubt the liberal media will try to spin this and make us look like we’re the ones who don’t know what we’re talking about.  Well, as you can see here, the facts are on OUR side.  Their empty words and violent protests won’t be able to hide the truth.  Our children will read the history books and know which side fought with honor.  We are the true Americans.

Orly Taitz was probably right after all.  We owe her a national holiday for leading one of the best investigations in America since it is now as clear as the windows of a Westboro church that Obama cannot legally serve.  I can see it now: O RLY DAY.

I would also like to thank our brave congressmen like Trent Franks (R-AZ) for demanding to see Mr. Hussein’s REAL birth certificate.  Well, Mr. Franks, this is a victory not only for us but also for freedom.  I am glad to know we still have a few gems of liberty in the decaying halls of Congress.  I love this country.

We will keep searching for more clues about Obama’s past.  Who knows, we may dig up more certificate-related data.  But that’s just me presenting the facts.  What do YOU think?

Universal Studios conspired to elect Obama?

While Universal Studios had a selfish agenda in supporting Africa above America, the repercussions of their logo and casting decisions run deeper than they may have expected.   As they shovel their hedonism down our throats, Hollywood prances around with the naïve, uninformed belief that Barry is who he says he is.

My brothers and sisters, I must confess that earlier today, I gave into temptation and watched a Hollywood movie — that damnable Devil-spawn that studies have shown brainwashes us into the secular, sex-filled lifestyle of the West coast.  It was produced by Universal Studios, and even in my two-hour popcorn-enriched moment of weakness, I maintained my ever-appreciated keen sense of observation.  I saw something fishy in the Universal Studios logo:

The globe

The globe is set on the terror-filled country of Africa.

Take a closer look as it goes on:

It's turning, it's turning.

It's turning, much like I do in bed while having nightmares about our future.

And here is comes, a name that could only be matched by “Lucifer” itself:

Universal Studios.

Universal Studios.

Bam!  If you are a vigilant patriot like me, you must be asking why the Universal Studios globe logo was centered on the nation of AFRICA, of all places, when the company is based in the good ol’ U.S. of A.?

Hmm, I wondered.  There isn’t much that comes from Africa that relates to America, is there?

But wait!

Barry Hussein OBAMA comes from Africa, specifically Kenya.  It’s obvious that Universal Studios, like the rest of left-wing Hollywood, is trying to indoctrinate us and our children into being “tolerant” of foreign countries – particularly Obama’s birthplace.  When we finally prove to the ENTIRE American public that Barry was born in Kenya by distributing his REAL un-American birth certificate, everyone will see the light.

Respected dentist Orly Taitz battles the liberal media in revealing the truth about Obama's citizenship.  She loves freedom so much.

Respected dentist Orly Taitz battles the liberal media in revealing the truth about Obama's citizenship. She loves freedom so much.

But until then, monsters like Universal Studios will continue to brainwash many Americans into rejecting our LEGITIMATE concerns about the illegality of the Obama pseudo-presidency.  Colluding with numerous other horsemen of the Armageddon, the production company already managed to coerce us into voting for this clown back in November 2008.  (I’ll address the voter fraud concerns in a later post, my friends.)

And besides the logo, it’s clear that Universal Studios has always supported that black supremacist agenda by releasing a disproportionately high number of African American movies with very scary themes.  Blacks only made up 13% of the US population in 2008, but according to the National Film Study Institute, about 56% of Universal Studios characters are black.  That’s awfully fishy for a company that claims to be committed to diversity.  When you release movies like American Gangster, which is all about black people dealing drugs and shooting whites to avenge their slave ancestors (it’s been hundreds of years now, can we just forget about it now?!), you’re forced to ask why they call us the ones who are racist!

I see so-called “blaxploitation” movies like that and Ray and wonder why this company is so bent on encouraging racial rifts in this great country of ours.  It’s like they’re throwing us back to the days of Malcolm X.  It’s no wonder they were so intent on putting a Black Panther in office.  The reasons for Universal and the rest of Hollywood wanting the most liberal thug of our times to hold the reigns of power are clear.

They want the corrupt government, and in turn the good American people, to accept their ghastly lifestyle.  They expect us to bow down in submission as we allow them to carry on their unholy carnival of sex and drugs; they expect us to sit back like cuckolds as they rape the very memory of Our Savior.  It’s no wonder God whips them annually with forest fires and earthquakes.

While Universal Studios had a selfish agenda in supporting Africa above America, the repercussions of their logo and casting decisions run deeper than they may have expected.   As they shovel their hedonism down our throats, Hollywood prances around with the naïve, uninformed belief that Barry is who he says he is.

Do you want one of these near your child?

Do you want one of these near your child?

But the fact remains – it’s clear Obama supports Islamofascist terrorists not only because his socialist policies are in clear violation of American values but also because he IS a Muslim in disguise.  He is closing down Gitmo because he wants to ship the most dangerous terrorists of the last century into our neighborhoods.  Just imagine a time when your little son’s tennis game is interrupted by a turban-man blowing himself up at the service line.  Imagine a time when your little daughter’s Bible studies are interrupted by the unforgiving clacks of an AK-47.  That time is the future according to Obama.  And that’s what Universal Studios – knowingly or unknowingly, but probably knowingly – has ushered in for America.

It’s like you’re asking for a nice cold Budweiser and they’re giving you heroin.  We the people are telling you, Universal Studios, to stop with the force-feeding of internationalist agendas.  It’s your responsibility to listen to the American people.  That’s how capitalism works.  I pray that you listen to the voices shouting in your ear just as I do for my own voices – listen!  Instead of pumping out raunchy propaganda like Frost/Nixon (defaming a brave president), Knocked Up (encouraging promiscuity), Mr. Bean’s Holiday (why couldn’t he take “holiday” in America instead of sissy tax-and-spend France?), and Inglourious Basterds (featuring too much cruel and unusual killing, and we all know liberals can’t spell), they should do the American people a favor and release some good old-fashioned conservative movies like Left Behind and The Birth of a Nation.  I would pay to see those.

Most experts agree that the films of yesteryear best captured the American spirit. Hollywood's current atmosphere suggests these golden days are over.

Most experts agree that the films of yesteryear best captured the American spirit. Hollywood's current atmosphere suggests these golden days are over.

So wake up!  This is a slap in the face of all Americans.  This so-called American film company has been nothing but supported by the good faith of the American people for years upon years, and this is how they repay us — by shoving some foreign towelback agenda down our throats?  Well, I won’t be having any of it.  We can continue to be sheeple, go to the theaters, pop those DVDs in our TVs, and sit back in apathy.  Or we can do something about it.  If all Americans stop watching these movies and quit financing these Hollywood mongrels, then the liberals will be stopped dead in their tracks.  The purchasing power of the American people is the only thing that keeps ’em afloat, as we  know non-Americans are too poor to watch movies.

There are some who will try to put doubt (the Devil’s puppet string) in your minds by muddying the waters and saying that my observation is misguided.  But I tell them they are falling for the age-old logical fallacy called ad pedanticum, which happens when you have to nitpick to prove a conclusion that does not stand up against the downpour of our FACTS.  The left-wing media often falls for this fallacy, which is one reason why they’re always so biased.

Some of these no-gooders might argue that the Universal Studios logo only starts off at Africa and turns to include other parts of the world.  But I laugh at these fools!  Why should we be forced to see other parts of the world, which are by default inferior to us, in the logo?  Why should we be forced to accept them?  If you ask me, the globe in the logo should only show the USA in the whole segment.  Just one simple static image of good ol’ America is all I ask for.  And scratch out socialist Canada and leper-filled Mexico while you’re at it.

These naysayers got it wrong.  This is much more than an issue of some crummy movie studio logo.  Our country is being taken over by the moneyed, elitist fiends of Hollywood.  But don’t take my word for it.

The facts are laid out here for all you to see.  Is this just a string of innocent coincidences leading up to the election of the most dangerous ruler in modern history?  Or is it yet another brainwashing attempt by the multi-billion dollar liberal film industry to sensitize us into accepting a president (or ahem, pseudo-president) from Africa?  You decide.