About Poe Slaw

This looks awfully like me.  Bask in my cyber-beauty.

Greetings. Bask in my cyber-beauty.

Poe  Slaw is the only unbiased Internet blog.  Current events are observed and channeled to the reader in a truthful and balanced fashion.  That is, just the facts are delivered.  Poe Slaw knows what you want, and you get it.

This blog emerged when an American patriot named Poe realized that the God-forsaken media was simply too left-wing and biased to uphold any journalistic values of honor.  He recognized his responsibility to provide a news outlet that would serve the people — WE THE PEOPLE — even if no one else would.  Thus, Poe Slaw was formed with the spirit of country, unity, and honesty.  It is the answer to the social decay that have come to define our time.

Have a nice cold heaping of truth, citizen.


One response to “About Poe Slaw

  1. Hey what happened to you on Volconvo? I think you will grab a great dose of fuel for your reality there. I am the Charlatan, we met on Volconvo, remember? I think they deleted your posts, I am not sure. What you up to?

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