Conception miracle? Infertile couple makes kids

This is a pretty profound story, folks, so I just thought I had to share what I found on the Internets.

User green is going to be a new father.  Perhaps this immaculate conception is further proof of God.

User green is going to be a new father. Perhaps this holy unexpected conception is further proof of God.

As you can see, user green from Yahoo Answers had a hormonal problem that prevented him from getting his wife pregnant.  I can imagine his woe as they tried time and time again, and prayed for the strength to get through.  Alas, they finally stopped trying.

But six years later, they met joy when some power (not saying it’s God, but all the facts are here for you to make up your own mind) finally made his wife pregnant through FAITH.  Some may question their faith.  Heck, when I read that they were papists, even I did.  But I see the power of Providence in his wife’s womb.  And in a few months time, when they are amidst the sounds of a baby’s wails, they will realize that they are not just lucky but blessed.

Blessed by whom?  Well, it’s great that you’d ask that.  Secularist leftists and Barry Hussein’s thought police will do whatever they can in these tumultuous times to discredit theists and conservatives who believe in God.  It’s been happening before (viz. President Bush was unjustly criticized for saying that God made him make certain decisions like going to Iraq), but ever since the 2008 election, it’s been open season for people who persecute Christians.

So I think that God has sent us a deliberate sign by allowing this Miracle Baby’s conception.  He wants us to know that He’s out there.  And He’s watching.  He’s hearing our voices.  He’s seeing our anger.  He’s making sure that Kenyan B. Hussein doesn’t destroy us.  He’s standing by our candidates of justice.  And he’ll be there in the voting booths in 2010 when we take back what’s our.  He’ll be there in the Oval Office on January 20, 2013, when President Palin moves our country forward towards the Sunbeam of Righteousness.

That is destiny.


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