Nobel Committee: Another Obama crony?


The look Obama probably gave his wife after they duped the world into loving them and thinking of them as peacemakers. Turns out the Olympic Committee was just yanking our chain.

I’m going to keep this brief because I am currently hyperventilating at this news — it looks like Obama has won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. He claims to be “humbled” by the award, which shocks many REAL Americans since Barry hasn’t even been in office that long. Even in that time, he has done nothing but provoke violence all over the world and especially in our backyard (viz. Tea Parties)!!

So his winning the peace prize is definitely a surprise. Or is it? Is it any surprise that the Nobel Committee would be in Obama’s bag? They ARE, after all, from Norway (which is a little city in Europe for those of you who don’t know), and are thus hippie Euro-liberals who walk around topless and smoke arugula-infused marijuana. If they were really being objective, they would have picked a REAL peacemaker like Glenn Beck instead of this terror-loving baby-killer.

So again, I’ve just given you the facts. Is this peace prize fair? Or is it YET another example of how EVERYONE is in the tank for Mr. Hussein the Violent Murderer of Peace and Quiet and Cultural Security?

By the way, I hope to keep writing this truth-blog even as the left-wing media tries to muscle me out.  I will stay strong for the cause of freedom!


2 responses to “Nobel Committee: Another Obama crony?

  1. Hey Manimala,

    ROFL…you kill me, man! Satire is your business, no doubt!

    Of course, this Prize was fair; and what leaves me perplexed is that some Americans do not understand that they were the ones being awarded here *nodding*. Aaah, wait…Norway/Sweden wanted to reward the Americans who voted for change and thus elected a good President (and mind you, I do not agree with Pres. Obama in many things; nevertheless I have to recognise that he is a hell of a politician); and the Americans that do not get it and bash this honour are those who did not vote for President Obama, and therefore know (and are jealous of the fact) that they were not included in the honours…yes, indeed.

    I would like to share something, that explains why Europe granted this award to “Barry” (as you called him):


    Cheers, mate!

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