Obama’s real birth certificate recovered?

Well, this is breaking.  And by breaking, I mean back-breaking for liberal wingnuts.  Obama’s real birth certificate may have been recovered:

This is the alleged birth certificate.  The facts are on our side.

This is the alleged birth certificate. The facts are on our side.

If this is real, it proves he wasn’t born in America.  There is no doubt the liberal media will try to spin this and make us look like we’re the ones who don’t know what we’re talking about.  Well, as you can see here, the facts are on OUR side.  Their empty words and violent protests won’t be able to hide the truth.  Our children will read the history books and know which side fought with honor.  We are the true Americans.

Orly Taitz was probably right after all.  We owe her a national holiday for leading one of the best investigations in America since it is now as clear as the windows of a Westboro church that Obama cannot legally serve.  I can see it now: O RLY DAY.

I would also like to thank our brave congressmen like Trent Franks (R-AZ) for demanding to see Mr. Hussein’s REAL birth certificate.  Well, Mr. Franks, this is a victory not only for us but also for freedom.  I am glad to know we still have a few gems of liberty in the decaying halls of Congress.  I love this country.

We will keep searching for more clues about Obama’s past.  Who knows, we may dig up more certificate-related data.  But that’s just me presenting the facts.  What do YOU think?


3 responses to “Obama’s real birth certificate recovered?

  1. Nice find there. Me and The go way back so I sort of knew about this. But who deep down didnt?

    • Don’t tell me you pal around with folk like that. But do not fret — salvation through JESUS CHRIST is the one and only TRUE public option. Yes, even a sinner like you can take part.

  2. Jesus hangs out with us too. We did a couple threesomes back in the wayback.

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